FerroxTAG product overview

Ferroxcube offers 3 different product lines for RFID applications.

  1. Low frequency ferrites with the most advanced ceramic materials to reach the optimal performance in low frequency ferrites. In this area Ferroxcube only offers the ferrites, not the finished tag. Refer to Ferroxcube website for further details.
  2. Ferrite cores for LF transponders

  3. High frequency inlays: FerroxTag inlays are outstanding High Frequency (13.56 MHz) tags optimized for minimum dimensions with long reading ranges. The inlays are the optimal solutions for customers that will integrate the inlay into their own product. They can be molded into boxes of embedded into metallic items.
  4. Ferroxtag Inlay

  5. High frequency tags: Ferroxtag is a High Frequency tag (13.56 MHz) optimized for working attached to metallic items. It also works very well around liquids and thanks to its small size can be very easily attached to almost everything.

Ferroxtag Screw Box Ferroxtag with bar code

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