Ferroxtag is a robust small High Frequency (13.56 MHz) tag. But not only that, it is probably one of the best solutions for true metal identification, achieving 30 cm reading range with the smallest size in the market (25 x 12 x 5 mm). Thanks to NXP ICode SLI chip, it is ISO15693 compliant

What is new?

FXTMetric_Thread.pdf  October 13th: FERROXTAG launches its new ISO metric thread range:
Reduced format tag June 7th, 2.009: Release of a new application note: FERROXTAG ATEX certified together with LPG tank manufacturers in search of 21st century cylinder.
Reduced format tag April 16th, 2.009: Release of a new application note: FERROXTAG ATEX certified for metal item identification in potentially explosive atmospheres.
Reduced format tag April 1st, 2.009: Release of a new application note: small inlays for identification of metallic or plastic totes with our reduced format tag.
Ferroxtag Tiny March 2nd, 2.009: We have new encapsulations with even smaller tags, just 20 x 6.1 x 5.6 mm. Visit our products section.
MEtal Notch February 2nd, 2.009: Check out our new application note how to embed the tag into a metal notch. Yes, with FerroxTag it is possible to plate the tag into a piece of metal and still keep a reasonable reading range. Visit our downloads section.
Yageo October 14th, 2.008: Look at our latest press release at Yageo News. Yageo is one of the top players in the electronic component business, including wifi and bluetooth antennas. Click here for more details.
ATEX April 7th, 2.008: Now our product is ATEX certified. This means that it is Intrinsically Safe, so that can be used in explosive atmosphears, such as Gas Cylinder filling stations, handling of solvents or Mining equipment. Contact our sales office for further details.
NFC February 5th, 2.008: Near Field Communications NFC: do you need to mount your NFC tag on a traffic light? Ferroxtag NFC is the solution; Ferroxtag NFC is ISO14443 compliant, can be mounted on metal, and survives outdoors. Contact our sales office for further details.
Datasheets February 5th, 2.008: You can download our product technical datasheets from our website