Pedigree Law with SSI Schäfer PEEM

In cooperation with the German logistics giant SSI Schäfer PEEM, we have developed a specific solution for batch tracing in the Pharmaceutical industry, also known as the Pedigree Law. This law mandates warehouses to keep record of where each batch is delivered to. Unfortunatelly this information is difficult to be read automatically in each individual box, so SSI Schäfer has developed a software solution combined with the use of RFID to solve this problem.

This project required High Frequency (13.56 MHz) tags able to work well around metals (most blisters are sealed with an Aluminum foil) and liquids (injectables, syrups...), and of course with small dimensions, since many boxes are quite small. Ferroxtag fulfills all these requirements.

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Below a short explanation of the process:

The Ferroxtag is placed in the Automats on top of the first box of each new batch. This tag will keep the description, batch number, expiry date and all important information of the batch that is identifying.



The Ferroxtag is dispatched together with the first box of each new batch to the conveyor, where a reader is able get its ID even when it is surrounded by boxes. Then this information is tranferred to the control software that records this batch change.