Gas and liquid containers.

Gas cylinders and beer kegs have always been a very difficult task for RFID tags. UHF tags are almost impossible to be used: both reader and tag get detuned, and reflections make difficult get accurate readings.

In most of the cases high frequency tags are used with a large spacer to the metallic surface. This is a solution, but the reading range is very limited, and the tags have to be placed in a very visible place, to ensure enough magnetic field to power the IC.

Ferroxtag enables mounting on the handles, in a very well protected place, and still keep a safe reading range: 10 to 20 cm with a simple 1 watt reader.

Propane tanks

This picture shows an example where the tag is even ribbeted on the handle, preventing vandalism. The Ferroxtag can be placed in such a place thanks to the ability to attract the magnetic field.